About US

Tehran Qhateh Company was founded and registered in 1984 . The company is based on the experience of managers and experts that have been operating for many years in the steel and mines industries of the country. The company is a part of Tehran with the goal of providing design, planning, executive management, supervision of construction, production, installation and commissioning. Started its activity. The company is determined to provide its services with the best quality and in the shortest time possible and at the most affordable price in a way that guarantees customer satisfaction.

The lines of production of Tehran Company include: casting line, multiple machining lines, assembly workshop, stained glass and more. In total, production and office space is about 1,000 square meters, including production halls, warehouses, laboratory space, department Engineering, quality control and management offices.

The company’s focus is on the production, construction and engineering of various types of mineral pumps, in particular slurry pumps, with Sala, Vasa, Metsu, KSB and Varman slurry pumps in various sizes, as well as the construction of Siemens and Nash Elmo vacuum pumps The capacities (3500 m³ / h to 2400 m³ / h) as the only manufacturer of these pumps introduce themselves in this field. Also, a variety of drum filters for iron concentrate lines are produced for most mines in the country.

Tehran qgateh Company produces complete parts with a high degree of accuracy and precision with the use of measuring, drawing, modeling and advanced casting equipment.