Facilities, machinery and equipment

Facilities, machinery and equipment:

The Tehran Machtan Machine & Machining Division, with its experienced staff and a complete set of heavy and lightweight tools, including Carocel, 20.3 and 60/1, CNC machine, Boring machine, Stone machine, is ready to provide a variety of machining services. . Our expertise is to provide the best quality service as soon as possible and in order to satisfy our customers in full.

In the machining part, two major parts of the large and special mills and vertical milling machines, including Carousel 20/3 and 60/1 Weavering (2000Í2000), and other machinery required for the construction of the equipment are formed.

CNC services include:

Making wooden and aluminum models for casting
Machining services for industrial milling parts
Manufacturing of various industrial parts
Slicing and cutting
Reverse Engineering
Plasma cutting

Machine tools and milling services

Measurement – design and modeling of different parts
Performing of different types of turning and milling
Heavy duty (Carousel and Boring and …)