Warranty and after-sales service are other services of this company. Tehran Company is required to provide after-sales services, including answering the warranty items of the pump types, how to install and install various types of pump and spare parts and pump repairs.


After-sales service based on installation is especially important. One of the most important issues in maintaining the pumps is to consider the correct startup. A mistake in commissioning can cause damage to the pump and shorten its life, without providing the desired head and discharge. Tehran Company has been working on a number of services to expedite customers ‘and customers’ well-being of some services along with company’s pumps, including supervision of installation and commissioning of pumps, repair of pumps and consultancy services. Pumps pointed out.
For all of its contracts and pumps, the company, with the help of experienced and experienced experts, performs all stages of the pre-commissioning and commissioning of pumps on the site for the purpose of ensuring the correct installation and operation of the pumps.

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